After a deep communion with God we were told to give the information on how to receive this transmission from the Almighty Himself to open the Heart and increase the Faith in Him. These are times of change that requires deep faith in our Creator and that Faith will be the only vehicle that will allow us to overcome the challenges that await us from 2012 and beyond. Everybody is concerned about planetary changes, polar shifts, natural disasters, etc, that may laying in front of our destinies as a humanity in the near future, yet most of the spiritual seekers are expecting help from Ascended Master, Archangels, Extraterrestrial Beings, other dimensional realities, etc, but why don’t place our faith in the One and Only God alone? Everything else will fall into place, if our faith is solid like a rock in our beloved God.

God is a Being that we can relate to as we can relate to our beloved Jesus or Saint Germain for example. Somehow we have scattered our faith in many places and beings hoping that one of them will answer our prayers and received their protection. There are even some worst cases that don’t believe in God as a Being, but as Absolute Consciousness, Formless Energy, Causeless Presence, Void, Source, Nirvana, Tao, the Unknown or whatever name you what to attribute to Him. All these are attributes and aspects of Him, but not Him alone.

This transmission can strengthen your Faith to believe in God as a Being, our Divine Father, that you can relate to and will allow you to feel closer to his Divine Presence. Is a miracle transmission humbly received by us from God Himself for anyone, anywhere in this planet or as a matter of fact the universe to be able to regain the highest Faith in God! The procedure is quite simple and anyone no matter from what faith, believe, tradition, religion or walk of life can ask for. Simple sit and relax and repeat the following words:

“Beloved God, it is my intention to receive the Magnanimous Presence of Faith, right now and so it is”

Close your eyes for a few minutes or meditate as long as you feel like it while you start to receive these Divine energies in your energy fields impacting your consciousness in a divine way. Those of you familiar with energy work and systems like Reiki and alike will find these energies to be of the highest vibration ever. Do it twice a day or whenever you feel you need to do it. Expect miracles in your life by doing this simple transmission. Remember is coming from God, not from an Angel or Master or ET. Receive Christ in your heart today.

God Bless You Now and Forever!!