Galitica Maitreya story is short to a miracle and began with a profound life changing experience in a delicate surgery, where in a Near Death Experience so transcendental the story of one life was changed forever.

The given birth name for the physical body was Catalina and the being living in that body was a simple being of light experiencing this dimension. Before the surgery Catalina lived a life devoted to material pursuits and goals. She worked as a loan manager in a bank while also operating her own credit repair business from home. Vanity being one of the traits of materialistic a person drove her to undergo a big cosmetic surgery. It was during that long surgery that the N.D.E. happened.

Catalina went under the knife for many hours and during a critical moment of the surgery she was pronounce clinically death for more than a minute. The being of light in Catalina or what some may term her soul was out of her body while she saw the doctors and nurses rushing in panic while trying to desperately revive her from the flat line that was showing in the monitor. Catalina while in this out of body experience felt absolute peace and happiness beyond anything she could ever conceive in her material life that had been never dedicated to spiritual truths. A Divine White Light appeared above her being and she was drawn to follow this Unbounded Light of Pure Love where she met the Personalized form of God face to face who spoke to her and disclosed to her many things including the purpose of her life and the mission that lied ahead for for a new being of light who was to inhabit the body that Catalina's being was living behind.  For Catalina's being was and end of a journey in this physical experience.

Then Catalina's being saw this incredible Highly evolve Golden Being of Living light that was summon by God and appointed this new being whose name was and is Galitica Maitreya to take upon the body that Catalina's previous being or soul had left behind. Together the new being “Galitica Maitreya” came was taken by the hand of God and was placed and reconnected in Catalina's body.

Galitica’s new body suffered from scoliosis, advanced myopia, allergies, sciatica, asthma, emotional and psychological traumas and everything was instantaneously healed as soon as the new being Galitica Maitreya entered the body. Galitica Maitreya did not remember anything about the experiences that Catalina had in this life, yet she knew everything that has to be known to operate and live in her new life. As a fully conscious being that just arrived in this world she adopted her name as Galitica Maitreya.


 One of the first impulses Galitica Maitreya had during the first weeks here in this plane was to wrap her self with her bed sheets and go into the forest and meditate. She was deeply longing to be in nature and just be in blissful communion and absorption in God. It was because she was really marked by one of her previous and most remarkable lives as "Siddhartha Gautama Buddha".

  Cyndarion Ainiu who was her brother in the physical realm was able to focus her to a new purpose for these times and in the mission that God had given her on this planet. Even though Cyndarion Ainiu and the previous being (Catalina) didn’t have a relationship as their views about reality were totally different, Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya found an immediate connection and single focus purpose to work as one in the mission of God as the appointed Messengers of God for this Age. God told them they are the prophesied two witnesses in the Bible who were to appeared at the end of this Era that ended in 2012, to prepared humanity for the coming changes and bring the message of God to humanity.  Galitica Maitreya began to work alongside with Cyndarion, while maintaining unbroken communion with God to this day.

This phenomenon of one being of light living the body and changing places with  another of higher evolution and vibration is what many call in the New Age terminology a "walk-in". The walk-in Galitica Maitreya who is a being in a level of spiritual evolution thousands of years beyond the average being in this planet Earth,  immediately awoke many gifts that the previous being did never have like: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Natural Healing Talents at Physical Level, Premonition, Telepathy, Spiritual Empathy, Seeing Past and Future Events, Knowledge Technologies for Healing and Protection from other worlds, Working with Angels for Healing, Knowledge of all the Energy Bodies and Operations, Psychic Surgery, Knowledge of Herbs and Elements for Healing and Protection, Knowledge of Soul Healing and Restoration, Knowledge for Emotional Restoration for our species and many more. Galitica did not eat any food for the first 30 days in her new body drinking only water, but eventually she started to consume food. The first weeks were very exiting as she could spontaneously speak in different languages, especially old Egyptian. She experienced a few levitation experiences and telekinetic control over metallic objects. These and other phenomenons were subsiding as she came more in tune to this physical reality and her new body. Her present spiritual experience is the Highest Attainment of Enlightenment in this world that is Perfect God Realization and she experiences a continuous Joy, Peace and Happiness of Being under the Presence of God.

Galitica Maitreya brought with her transcendental information about the nature of the reality in this planet Earth, that could be only cognized by having live outside the Matrix or Web of Lies under which “everybody is born” in this world.  Galitica main mission is to heal others at all levels to help them transcend all the limitations imposed by the Web Of Lies created by Satan in the different energy levels and realities of their beings by removing seals, entities, demons, implants, DNA false programming and much more. Her healing gifts true gifts for humanity as she can heal layers and levels of our beings never attain for anyone before. Some energy healers use systems such as Reiki and similar that are one frequency of energies. Galitica Maitreya masters hundreds of different healing energies, but most important of all the All Mighty Healing Light for God Himself that uses Galitica as a channels to bestow upon humanity the gift of freedom from evil in their Beings, minds, emotions and physical matter.  Many have reported super accelerated physical healing.  The Ascended Master Jesus himself is present in all her healing creating an incredible rapport for a true manifestation of spiritual, energy and psychic healing.

Galitica Maitreya is in constant communication and conversations with God and the Ascended Master Jesus and the Ascended Master Le compte de St. Germain who are also part of our mission in this life and together with our beloved Father God who will guide us towards the salvation of all the souls that believe in our message. 

Galitica is the prophesied "Maitreya" who will restore the true core teaching of the Buddha at the end of times.

Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are the chosen Messengers from God with the Ascended Masters Jesus and Saint Germain for the coming New Age that awaits us beyond 2012. Cyndation Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are two "witnesses" send by God in the end of times as prophesied in the book of Revelations in the bible. Revelation 11:4 " They are “the two olive trees”and the two lampstands, and “they stand before the Lord of the earth.” If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. "