God is Real 


Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are two fully Enlighten and God Realized Beings in the service of God.  Their combine knowledge and spiritual gifts allows them to present unique tools of self transformation towards Healing, Self-Realization, Enlightenment and Ascension. Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya have been teaching Meditation, Metaphysics, Planetary Changes, Evolution of Consciousness, Personal Power, Real Self, Christ Consciousness and more over 30 years and have thousands of students, clients, and followers around the world. They have written dozens of spiritual books that are being translated into many languages

Welcome to the real world. We are talking to you the real being behind the mind. This is an opportunity to escape the field of dreams of Maya that have been holding your perception bound to limited parameters of experience. The world of mankind is an illusion, a web of Lies that exists through a web of consciousness that interconnects all human minds. Reality is escaping in the present moment as we forgot our true inheritance to perceive Reality as it is. There are a few like Jesus and Buddha that have traverse the sea of illusion to find out that truth have been staring at them the whole time. Their teachings have endured the passage of the centuries in hope to awake humanity to true perception. Many religions have sprung from their teachings, but the essence of their message have being lost in the limited perception in which humanity is held bound together. So, is time to open our spiritual eyes to see and understand beyond words what this great beings have been trying to teach from the Great Silence. The same Silence in which you rest when you are deep sleep, when the mind is dormant. This Silence can not be perceived by a mind full of lies. Truth has to be experience in order to be always Awake. 

You can find your Truth in the Present Moment. Freedom is just in front of your eyes if you are willing to see beyond dogma, believes, ideas and culture. We have the right as a whole to find boundless happiness, love, freedom and truth. Innocence contains the immaculate blue print of the universe. If we are to regain that state of purity we most get together and remove the dust from our eyes that is blinding us. Aren’t we the same being that once were a pure and innocent baby? If so, what is keeping us from that infinite awareness of unbounded freedom? That what have been added we must remove and that what we truly Is, most be understood and Realized.

Then we can begin to regain our innocence and humble in the recognition that "God is Real". In that Absolute Field of Awareness that connect us all, there is a define Presence, a Living Being, an Almighty all Loving Being that is waiting for us to reconnect to Him. God is Love and He has a Divine Body, Mind and Emotions. Are you ready to begin your Journey to the ultimate destination?